SFXtools has bundled a collection of all types of materials perfectly suitable for any kind of game projects. The Game Audio Bundle includes a total of 21 libraries with 2,276 sounds, ready to speed up your workflow.

From all the basic game sounds such as blips, alerts, deny and select, levels up, confirm, hint, happy, correct, error, pop-ups, approve, notification, feedback, XP to frightening giant, creepy ghouls and golems, angry mutants, swamp monsters sfx, steam engines, small machinery movements, tiny gizmos, large machines, gear spinning and turning, steampunk gadgets to bizarre and creepy ambiences, nightmarish cacophonies, dark and eerie atmospheres, variety of paper sfx to machine guns and sniper rifles, laser guns and blaster shots these are just a few to describe so you can guess the rest!

The bundle includes the following packs:

  • Creatures.
  • Zombies.
  • Haunted Atmospheres.
  • Gizmos & Gadgets.
  • Card & Board Games.
  • Paper.
  • Handwriting & Drawing.
  • Books & Magazines.
  • Underwater Lifeforms.
  • Sci-Fi Game UI.
  • Mobile Game Menu & UI.
  • Sci-Fi Weapons.
  • Door Slams.
  • Fantasy Game.
  • Horror Game.
  • Adventure Game.
  • Sci-Fi Game.
  • Sorcery Game.
  • Action Game.
  • Casual Game Menu & UI.
  • RPG Game.

The Game Audio Bundle is available for £82.45 GBP for a limited time only.

More information: SFXtools

SFXtools Game Audio Bundle