Indefinable Audio has announced the release of a new preset library for Arturia’s Pigments 3 software synth designed to help you add some unique motion to your music.

The Shadow Motion soundset contains 100 arpeggio, melodic sequence, and rhythmic sequence presets.

The presets of Shadow Motion make use of all of the engine types within Pigments 3: Sample/Granular, Analog, Wavetable and Harmonic (only the Pigments factory samples are used). The sounds of Shadow Motion are primarily cinematic in nature, but they certainly don’t have to be used only in that context. The sounds tend to lean more on the side of dark and tense, but it also has some really beautiful sounds.

Each preset in Shadow Motion makes use of the mod wheel to add layering, swell, and dimension to the sound. This makes it very useful for composing with the library in real time. Every preset also has useful macro mappings to significantly extend the usability of the library. Every preset in Shadow Motion has its own unique “Shadow Motion” rhythmic layer which is easily controlled via a macro knob. These rhythmic layers were created using the noise samples within the Utility engine, and they can easily be modified using the Function mod sources in Pigments.

Regularly priced $29 USD, the soundset is on sale for $23 USD for a limited time.

More information: Indefinable Audio