VST Buzz has launched the Shadows instrument library for Kontakt, a new Vault collection title that allows you to combine and crossfade between up to 4 different soundsources to create dark, sinister and foreboding pads, drones and soundscapes.

2.2GB of content from synthesisers was recorded, then mangled and transformed into both simple and complex sounds to be used within the engine. These can then be combined in the 4 part engine, and using the XY pad to cross fade between each of the sounds, you can create organic, deep and menacing sounds.

The library was inspired by composers like Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross, Hildur Guðnadóttir, John Carpenter and many more.

Choose from 232 individual sound sources from a variety of different sound categories, each varying in attack and timbre.

VST Buzz Shadows

Shadows features

  • 4 individual sound sources with 232 different sampled sounds to choose from.
  • XY pad to cross fade between each of the sounds, creating movement and modulation.
  • Individual controls for ADSR, LFO, Filter, ADSR Filter, LFO Filter, ADSR Pitch and LFO Pitch on each sound source.
  • Master FX with delay, reverb, chorus, convolution reverb, saturation, stereo, EQ or compression.
  • Randomise button to create completely new sounds at random for immediate inspiration.
  • 32 convolution reverb samples with pre-delay, IR size and amount options.
  • 4.4GB of space required (2.2GB for download and 2.2GB for extraction).
  • Kontakt 5.7.1 or higher required (full version).

Shadows is available for 29 EUR. VST Buzz users can use Rewards Points to reduce the price.

More information: VST Buzz