Shameless Plugs has released a free distortion, overdrive and amplifier plugin for Windows. The Dom is an easy to use plugin featuring a main drive control, 24dB/octave low cut and high cut filter, and an output control.

On the surface, The Dom might seem similar to many other distortion– / saturation–type plugins. However, quite a lot goes on under the hood, to make it as versatile as possible, while maintaining a remarkable ease of use, by offering only the controls needed, no more, no less.

The drive section employs a sophisticated, gentle, asymmetrical waveshaper that generates and emphasises pleasant even–order harmonics, very similar to what happens in the best Class A tube amplifiers. Carefully crafted, intricate filter sections, both before and after the drive section, maximize the plugin’s versatility.

The Dom is free to download as a 64-bit VST for Windows. An upcoming paid version will offer additional controls for phase, mix, and bypass, internal EQ slope, mid scoop, and possibly a speaker cabinet simulator. It will also feature optional oversampling in order to prevent aliasing.

More information: Shameless Plugs