United Plugins has introduced its new audio plugin SubBass Doctor 808, an effect that provides the perfect treatment for achieving, powerful, punchy, shaking low end.

Designed for synth bass and drums, the plugin adds extra warmth with parallel saturation.

SubBass Doctor 808

Treating the lowest frequencies is not an easy task. And in some listening environments, it is almost impossible. If you mix while travelling or your mixing room or your system is not 110% perfect, you should see the doctor. Namely SubBass Doctor 808.

Of course, you want the pumping subs that shake the body. But without the right treatment, they can get out of control. Although they are inaudible in some environments, wrongly mixed low frequencies can even destroy big PA systems.

You may want to mix while travelling, you may be producing in a home studio. Your monitors do not deliver the lowest frequencies right or your room is perhaps not 100% acoustically treated. In all these cases you should search for the Doctor.

SubBass Doctor 808 is a safety net for all mentioned above. It filters the harmful frequencies and guards the lowest basses not to exceed the healthy limit.

SubBass Doctor 808 is available in VST/VST3 and AU plugin formats for $59 USD / 59 EUR.

More information: United Plugins