Shattered Glass Audio has announced the release of a desktop version of the Kompresor audio effect, a versatile and powerful, easy to use compressor.

With several compression algorithms under the hood, Kompresor is suitable for use on a wide variety of signals, on the mix bus, or for mastering.

For the most transparent compression, ideal for mastering, use AUTO or “AUTO A” envelopes. In addition to offering extremely transparent compression, AUTO A envelope features automatic attack and release times that adjust to the signal on a sample by sample basis. Use PROGRAM envelope for an easy mix bus gluing effect. If you are after the classic style compression switch to feedback configuration. Select RMS detector for a smoother compression suitable for vocals, guitars, etc.

To help you fine tune compression parameters, enable DELTA feature to monitor only the difference between the uncompressed and compressed signal. Last but not least, Kompresor has an external side chain input for those times when you need to duck one signal based on another one.

Kompresor for Windows and Mac (VST3, AU and AAX) is priced $29.99 USD. The previously released iOS version is $19.99 USD at the App Store.

More information: Shattered Glass Audio