As Impact Soundworks’ upcoming Shreddage 3 Stratus is in the final round of beta testing, some incredibly useful new features have been added to the virtual guitar.

A blog post details the new approach to fretting/voicing and strumming in the Shreddage 3 Engine.

Our next generation of virtual guitars and basses will be powered by a custom script & UI we’re calling the S3 Engine.

Rather than a simple update to our Shreddage 2 guitars, we’re using all the tools available in Kontakt 5.7 to build an entirely new instrument engine from scratch. In the next few blog posts, we’ll cover some of the key features you can expect with this exciting new technology!

A virtual hand approach offers improved voicing in S3, and multiple fretting algorithms aim to help you find the right type of voicing for your MIDI parts. The brand-new Strumming Engine offers a way to more easily perform strummed chord parts without manually sequencing (or playing) every single note.

More information: Impact Soundworks