Shuriken has released Berrtill, a freeware distortion unit modelled from circuit bent hardware.


  • Clip: Adds what I think might best be described as of clipping action
  • Drive: Adding volume
  • Bitcrush: Removes bit’s from the audio, a late addition and not in the analogue set-up.
  • Monsterclip: I really don’t know how to describe this parameter so I gave it a strange
  • Moonshine: Yup this one as well, strange and hard to describe.
  • Clip: Clipping type of parameter.
  • Drive: Adding volume.
  • Type: Different set up’s:
    • 1 amp1+bit+do+amp2 : Goes straight from left to right
    • 2 amp1+mo+bit+amp2 : Does as nr 1 but monshine and bit are switched
    • 3 amp1+mo+amp2 : No bitcrush in this one
    • 4 amp1+bit+amp2 : No moonshine
    • 5 Amp+mo*bit+Amp : Instead of moving, there is a ringmodulation added
    • 6 Amp1 : Only the first amp
    • 7 bit : Only bit redcution
    • 8 mo : Only Moonshine
    • 9 COWARD : This one has nothing, it just pushes the sound through

Check the pdf manual for Berrtill to see the circuit bent model this plug-in is based on.

Visit Shuriken for more information.