Shuriken has released Kerrstinn, a freeware slicer, glitcher and loop dissector VST plug-in.

Kerrstinn changes your loops randomly with both moving slices of it around and or applying effects to the slices according to rules that we call generators. It is sort of an automatic controllable recallable loop slicer.


  • Random: initial value for randomising
  • Slices: controls the amount of slices (i.e. 4, 8 or 16)
  • Bisyness: controls the amount of randomisation (low value is less random)
  • Bars: lets you set the amount of bars a loop has (max = 8)
  • Generator: determines how the loops will be treated/sliced/glitched/dissected

To get a good idea of how Kerrstinn works, check this YouTube video.

Visit Shuriken for more information and a link to download Kerrstinn (Win/MacOSX)