ShuttleBug records Grep v2.1

ShuttleBug records Timeframe v1.1

ShuttleBuG records has released two new freeware Shuttleplugs effect plugins for Windows PC.

Grep is an audio destruction unit/fuzz-machine (waveshaping) and features:

  • CLATTER section adds clatter to the sound.
  • SPLATTER section splats the sound, the amount of splattering can be adjusted with the slider.
  • KLONG section rectifies the signal. There’s also a button to splut the klong.
  • SPUTTER section adds sputter to the sound, the amount of sputtering can be adjusted with the slider.
  • Frequency and resonance controls (“F” & “Q” sliders in the FILTER section).

Timeframe is an LFO-controlled delay effect. The faders & waveform-selector control the LFO, while LFO controls the delaytime. Timeframe features a feedback knob and mono/stereo-selector to control the delay, and the mix knob controls the overall dry/wet mix.

Visit ShuttleBuG records for more information and links to download Grep and Timeframe.