Paiste 2002 14

Shy Keidar has released Turritopsis Wide-Hat, free collection of high quality recordings of a Paiste 2002 14″ Medium hi-hat.

It’s unique. I made sure to give it a very wide, pleasant sounding stereo image while keeping the sound tight, with no weird differences between the channels, and making sure that I’ll be able to get a good sound either from the left channel alone, the right channel alone, or with the two channels mixed into a narrowed stereo image or mono. If you’re truly familiar with recording, you know that this is a very big deal. Other than that, the overall sound is proper and has a natural frequency response and no weird stuff.

It’s compact. Don’t expect a large amount of samples or any fancy stuff. It’s not amazingly versatile, but it is very usable. I carefully selected the samples for my own usage. It’s quick and simple to make your own patch for this in various available samplers. I don’t intend to make sample packs of other cymbals any time soon, in case you wonder.

The sample pack includes 34 samples in 44kHz/48kHz (68 total), and is a free download at (8.4 MB).

More information: Turritopsis Wide-Hat