Clatters Machines has announced availability of its stereo digital oscillator that aims to translate the beauty and harshness of a semi-barren mountain into a 10HP Eurorack module.

Sibilla sculpts sound with various saw and sine waves running through intricate delay networks altered by LFOs and white noise, to create constructive and destructive interferences, enabling ever-evolving soundscapes that can be both droning and/or melodic in nature.

Both stereo channels are the output stages of two feedback audio loops. Each loop is made up by a main sub sinusoidal wave oscillator and two saw and sine waves with frequencies affected by the generation of harmonics (right channel) and subharmonics (left channel). All waves have different phases whose offset is constantly affected by minor variations created by two pairs of grains randomly fluctuating within the waves amplitude spectrum and being sampled at a certain speed.

Waves then meet to each other to a common point, together with two white noise sources, creating constructive and destructive interferences constantly affected by two LFOs movements. Interferences are then run into a resonant low pass filter and then distributed to four different delay lines from which they are fed back into the audio loops at different time intervals depending on the grains movements.

Sibilla is priced 360 EUR (plus VAT if applicable).

More information: Clatters Machines