Sidsonic Libraries has announced the launch of its Online Shop.

The sidsonic libraries Online Shop stocks musicians and sounddesigners up with fresh multisample sets twenty-four-seven. Whenever a new idea or some extra flavour is needed, this is the place to go!

As always with sidsonic libraries, the Online Shop is all about quality. 24Bit / 96Khz sound material, several velocity layers and of course only high-end equipment for sound generation, processing and recording guarantee versatility and expressive playability.

Devided in categories like Basses, Pads or Leads, navigation through the samplepacks as well as the selection of the right sounds is a breeze. You don’t need a whole samplepack but just a few of the sounds? – Then go for just them and buy a subpack containing the multisample sets you are really about to use!

A steadily growing database of modern to totally weird samplepacks enshures permanent supply with new material while low prices will keep the wallet happy. For easy handling all multisamplesets are premapped in Native Instruments’ Kontakt- (.nki) and Apples’ EXS-format (.exs).

The online shop currently offers various commercial sample packs (Bassism, Electronic Drums, and Quality Padness), as well as some freebies.

Visit Sidsonic Libraries for more information.