Sidsonic Libraries has announced the release of four new sample libraries.

Noize is all about the random fluctuations in an electric signal which usually give musicians and sounddesigners the creeps. In this samplepack it is used as a sound source, shaped and processed to deliver a broad range of stunning effectsounds.

Analog Grains was made using a combination of warm analog soundmaterial and the tight tolerance of granular synthesis. The result are one of a kind lead and padsounds which make even the most boring melodies sound fantastic!

Reverbtized is all about the misuse of reverb processors. Utilising tons of effects rather simple sounds are blown out of propertion and deliver transparent yet charismatic results.

Analogue Monobass is dedicated to deep and huge basses, all made with a full blown modularsystem plus some very perky DIY circuits. Create some serious low frequency insanity and be sure: Your neighbors will hate you for it!

Sidsonic Libraries sample packs

  • All sounds are multi-sample sets, providing seamless playability.
  • No data reduction was used on the sampling material.
  • For a quick start all samples are mapped in exs, nki, patch and sxt format.
  • Compatible with Ableton Live, Reason, Logic, Cubase, Kontakt, Pro Tools and all applications which are able to handle wave audio files.
  • All samples recorded in wav format 24bit/96khz.
  • Each of the four packs contains 15 or more multi-samplesets, which can be bought alltogether (Complete) or in several Subpacks.

The sample packs are available to purchase for 44.99 EUR (incl. VAT) each.

Sidsonic Libraries has also announced an X-Mas Special, offering various free samples.

sidsonic libraries set up an advent calendar for all musicians and sound designers looking for an inspirational christmas. Every day until christmas a new multi-sampleset is added, starting at december the 6th. Be sure to get the sounds in time, because after the holidays they’ll be gone!