Sidsonic Libraries has announced the release of Speeched Drums french, a new drum sounds sample library.

Imagine a room which is sounding like an “a” or a “z”. Now imagine the a or z room has a french accent. Wouldn’t it be cool to play drums inside that room? What about changing between several “alphabet” rooms while playing, so you can let your drums talk? And how about separate rooms for male and female voices? Cool right? Well, we thought so, too! Therefore we created such rooms, recorded and mapped them, so you can play the whole alphabet with each drum. Let us introduce you to Speeched Drums!

This is only the first release of our Speeched Drums line. Other languages will follow over the next months.

Speeched Drums for Kontakt is available to purchase for €29.99 EUR (complete, 4 sample kits), or €17.99 EUR for the male and female kits (2 sample kits each).