Siegfried Kullmann SQ8L v0.84a

Siegfried Kullmann has released version 0.84a of SQ8L, a software model (VST) of Ensoniq’s classic 1980s synth SQ80.

Updated in v0.84a

  • New filter which is much closer to the original
  • Saturator changed to better emulate SQ80 at ORIG setting
  • DCA1-3 volume curves changed
  • Fixed bug with restarting of envelopes
  • Fixed some LCD updating problems
  • Changed keyboard capturing mechanism (for entering sound names)
  • Added the parameters saturation and envelope 4 amount to the MIX page
  • Sound program names should now be correctly converted from/to SysEx
  • New LCD and other changes in GUI design

Note: This version sounds different from earlier versions, so when using this in an older mix, you may have to do some adjustments.

Visit for more information and a link to download SQ8L v0.84a.