Plugin Boutique has announced a sale on Signum Audio’s BUTE Loudness Suite 2, a smart, integrated and responsive loudness metering and audio limiting plugin that delivers the tools studios, media and broadcasting producers need to mix and master professional audio within loudness specifications.

Many producers are moving towards mixing and mastering within loudness specs set internally or by major streaming and broadcasting platforms for quality assurance. By providing metering and limiting functions in the same plugin with smart workflow features to maintain creative flow, BUTE helps optimise the quality of mixes and masters, while avoiding potential distortions downstream.

BUTE Loudness Suite 2 features

  • Integrated True Peak limiter and loudness metering in one plugin.
  • Smart history overview for completely interactive browsing of up to 10-hours of loudness data at a glance.
  • Custom alert system flags up areas that need attention with severe (red) or warning (yellow) pointer on the history overview. User settings can be defined in the settings panel..
  • Smart auto re-metering feature which syncs to DAW on load-up, and auto-detects and reflects any adjustments you make in the DAW on the graphical display.
  • Powerful compact read-out view which is completely resizable vertically and horizontally to optimise screen space while keeping readings visible and limiting settings accessible.
  • An adaptive auto-release function which can be tweaked by a scale factor using the release knob, enabling fine-tuning.
  • Ultra-transparent True Peak limiting algorithm means mastered audio stays faithful to the original mix.
  • 3 different release curves for Transparent, Natural and Smooth limiting (BL2 includes an additional “Pumping” and “Linear” release curves for creative music production).
  • Display Settings on the main user interface to switch between True Peak/Metering, Relative/Absolute Scale, or Max/Live modes.
  • A highly responsive and informative graphical interface.
  • Auto-detects DAW channel configuration with a dropdown menu to select mono, stereo or surround configurations (Surround version).
  • A wide array of built-in presets for the very latest loudness standards and recommendations.
  • Industry-standard (IEC 60268-18) meter bar fallback for natural, analogue feel.
  • Clean and comprehensive read-outs for short-term & momentary loudness, True Peak, and traditional RMS.
  • Reloadable session data.
  • Save, Load and Export metering data.
  • Includes additional copies of BUTE Loudness Normaliser standalone application and BUTE Limiter 2 plugin.
  • Free future updates.

BUTE Loudness Suite 2 for Windows and Mac (VST/VST3, AU, AAX, standalone) is on sale for £74.95 GBP / $99 USD until September 30th, 2021.

More information: Signum Audio