Scottish developers Signum Audio have announced a deal on the new BUTE Limiter and BUTE Loudness Suite until June 18th (midnight GMT).

Signum Audio claims its novel limiter design lets you push your levels to new limits whilst preserving the natural harmonics and musicality of your track.

It says its plugins deliver smooth and transparent audio, accurate and informative analysis on a clean and comprehensive graph display, and retain the dynamics of your audio, ensuring your audio is optimized and gets heard the way it was intended.

The BUTE Limiter comes with a host of features for easy, intricate mixing:

  • Designed to help you maintain your creative flow, the BUTE Limiter is really simple to use with a highly intuitive and informative graphical interface letting you see what’s really going on with your track.
  • Easily adjust the Threshold slider, allowing you to push the input and use the plugin as a Maximizer as well.
  • Hold the SHIFT button to match the Threshold with the Pre-Gain.
  • Choose from five different limiting curves: Linear, Smooth, Natural, Transparent or Pumping.
  • A novel limiting algorithm design that guarantees no distortion or clipping from True Peak overshoots.
  • Optional Auto-release function with configurable multiplier, or remove auto-release and set your own Release time.
  • History View which is connected directly with the transport in your DAW, so the plugin automatically overwrites the history when you make adjustments.
  • Compatible with Mac & Windows and VST / VST3 / AU / AAX (including AudioSuite).
  • Surround version supports 5.1, 7.1 and up to 10-channel Atmos.

With a majority of streaming and broadcasting platforms introducing loudness standards and normalizing files that do not meet these standards, loudness solutions have become essential tools for audio professionals in game audio, music and broadcasting who regularly submit content. The BUTE Loudness Suite offers a comprehensive toolkit consisting of an Analyser (with built-in True Peak Limiter), Normaliser and Limiter.

Signum Audio is offering a 30% discount off BUTE Limiter which is available in two version, Stereo at £41.30 GBP and Surround at £69.30 GBP (exc. vat). The BUTE Loudness Suite is 40% off on sale at £119.40 GBP for Stereo and £149.40 GBP for Surround. Prices ex. VAT where applicable.

More information: Signum Audio