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Signum Audio releases BUTE Limiter ultra transparent true peak limiter


Signum Audio has announced the release of the BUTE Limiter plugin, the latest and most versatile addition to its range of the advanced loudness solution, BUTE.

BUTE L Atmos

Signum Audio’s new high-end limiter promises to deliver “high fidelity, ultra-transparent audio quality with incredibly sleek usability”.

Bute Limiter is driven by a new audio limiting algorithm using a novel approach that claims to be “the most transparent limiter around”. It delivers limiting with a pure, smooth sound that stays faithful to the original while True Peak limiting.

The BUTE Limiter prides itself on how minimalist it is. Signum Audio’s signature approach to “clean yet comprehensive” UX design makes the BUTE Limiter incredibly simple to use on individual tracks for mixing or on your final master bus. The graphical user-interface provides extra peace of mind, giving users in-depth analysis and readings for True Peak, Threshold and Gain Reduction. Alternatively, you can collapse the plugin to a numerical data-only view to save on valuable screen real-estate.

For more creative applications, there is a useful Pre-Gain to push or reduce the incoming signal’s volume, meaning that the plugin can also function as a maximiser. Included are 5 different release modes to choose from including Linear, Transparent and Pumping, with the option of automatic release time calculation depending on content.

Signum Audio’s algorithm guarantees no true peek overshoots and the highest quality linear phase upsampling. This makes it particularly useful for broadcasters and anyone serious about loudness.

BUTE Limiter features

  • A clean yet comprehensive user-interface providing you with a smarter worklflow.
  • Collapsable window so you can switch to a numerical data-only view to save valuable screen space.
  • True peak, ultra transparent limiting, with a novel approach to brick wall limiting making it “overshoot proof”.
  • Surround to up to 10 Channel Atmos.
  • Automatic reading re-metering to reflect adjustments.
  • 5 Different release curves to choose from, with optional automatic release time calculation depending on content.
  • In-Depth history and readings for True Peak, Threshold and Gain Reduction..
  • Useful Pre-Gain to push or reduce the incoming signal’s volume.
  • Available in Stereo and Surround versions.
  • Compatible with Mac (10.9 or higher), Windows (8.1 or higher) and 64-bit VST / AU / AAX.
  • Pro Tools 12.5 or higher.
  • Included with the BUTE Loudness Suite.

Until Tuesday March 19th, the Limiter is available in Stereo or Surround for the intro price of £29 GBP and £49 GBP + VAT, respectively. The surround version adds full support for 5.1, 7.1 and up to 10 channel Atmos.

Furthermore, the plugin will be available for free to existing BUTE Loudness Suite users. Competitive enterprise options are also available for studios looking for multiple licenses.

More information: Signum Audio

BUTE L Meters

BUTE L Stereo Music Pumping

BUTE L Surround

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