Signum S1100 DX/VST

Signum S1100 is released again and available for free now.


  • DirectX and VST Plugins with realtime control
  • 16 bit 44100 hz CD audio quality
  • piano module
  • MIDI patchbay and fileplayer
  • AKAI CDROM reading capabilities (only 1000 format)
  • short latency time
  • multiple outputs support
  • up to 100 programs
  • 99 keygroups foreach program
  • 4 samples for each keygroup
  • unlimited voices number
  • realtime midi controlled low-pass filter
  • velocity, pitch bend, pan, volume
  • unlimited note polyphony
  • fun knobs and switches

It’s a bit old but might still be interesting, especially now it’s free.
Check Musicdyne for more information and a link to download Signum S1100.