VST Buzz has announced a two-week sale on the Pain Piano sample library for Kontakt by Silence+Other Sounds.

The 2.66GB library features over 530 prepared piano slams and rhythms for cinematic horror music and FX in Kontakt and Wav formats, including clusters and atonal stabs, tonal elements, bowed piano effects, eerie antique pianos, unsettling prepared piano effects, and tempo synched loops.

“Pain Piano” is a sound design Kontakt library based on prepared piano experiments. Silence+Other Sounds have recorded a large collection of pianos including Mornington & Weston, a Collard piano from the 19th century, an old saloon-piano and even a piano harmonium, a one of a kind instrument combining a traditional piano with an harmonium apparatus.

“Pain Piano” is for composers looking for unique sounds to enrich their composition and drive the audience’s attention in an easy and intuitive way. Whether you’re looking for dark, low atonal slams, tonal elements, old detuned piano notes, bowed piano strings or obsessive rhythms, the sounds and the multifunctional Kontakt instruments in Pain Piano have got you covered!

Pain Piano is on sale for 19 EUR through August 16th, 2021 (regular 59 EUR). Prices ex. VAT where applicable.

More information: VST Buzz