Silicon Beats Funk Fills

Silicon Beats has released Funk Fills, a collection of drum loops.

We’ve taken some of the funkiest drum fills from our most popular loop packs and put them together in one sweet package. Funk Fills gives you the ultimate collection of live fills and breaks to drop straight into your track. Whether you produce house music or Hip Hop, these fills can be placed just before a chorus or bridge section to add that touch of finesse that only a real drummer can pull off. What’s more you’ve got lots of different drum sounds and playing styles with some cool breaks before the fill comes in. Give your breaks that retro vibe with these essential live drum fills for all types or genre. From chillout and reggae to pure retro funk, download some demo loops and try them out in your tracks right now. Tempos range from 69 bpm to 180 bpm.

Funk Fills is available to purchase for $29.95 USD.

More information: Silicon Beats