Silicon Beats House Drum Loops V1

Silicon Beats has released House Drum Loops V1, a drum loops sample library.

Complete Head Nod Overload. Experience involuntary foot tapping while listening to this top notch product demo. House Drum Loops V1 has some seriously infectious grooves for your house music productions. With over 160 drum loops including fills and kickless versions you’ll be spoilt for choice.

This drum loop pack contains 20 groups of loops that range in tempo from 126 to 133 bpm and weighs in at almost 1 Gigabyte of audio data. In addition to these pristine audio files we’ve also included the full MIDI files for each group of drum grooves giving you full control over the actual drum sequences. Load these into your DAW and make some bangin house tunes in less time that it takes to enter the club. Tempos range from 126 to 133 bpm.

House Drum Loops V1 is available to purchase for $59.95 USD.

More information: Silicon Beats