Silo SouldLabs has launched two vintage series equalizer effect plugins, capturing the warmth, the punch, and the unmatchable presence of classic analog gear, accurately recreated in the digital domain.

Modeled in partnership with Trident Audio Developments, the Trident 80B 500 Series EQ provides powerful tone shaping capabilities for every track in your mix with a simple, easy-to-use interface.

SiloSoundLabs Trident80B

The distinctive and remarkable 80B sound has never before been captured as accurately or as faithfully as it has in this Silo Sound Labs plug-in, confirmed by Trident’s own ‘golden-ear’ team of veteran, Grammy-awarded producers and engineers. Download it now, and let your tracks come alive with the signature Trident sound from countless hit recordings. Use the Trident 80B EQ plug-in on each and every track in your mix – Silo’s ‘near-zero’ system overhead SiloDNA lets your creativity flow.

The Trident 80B EQ Plug-in contains sweepable frequency bands in the Low Mid and High Mid positions, with up to 15 dB boost and cut. Low Mid frequency range is 100 Hz to 1000 Hz, while the High Mid range is from 1 kHz to 15 kHz. A Low shelving filter corner frequency can be set to 60 Hz or 120 Hz, with High shelving corner frequency settable to 8 kHz or 12 kHz, both with up to 15 dB boost or cut. A 2nd order HPF at 50 Hz can be engaged/disengaged.

The Trident 80B EQ is available from PluginFox for $89.99 USD.

The Trident CB9066 EQ provides the classic Trident tone with the precision of a parametric EQ.

SiloSoundLabs TridentCB9066

Using corrective filtering or tone-shaping EQ, the Trident CB9066 can add vibrancy and color to every track. SiloDNA-based design ensures that your DAW will continue to operate flawlessly when using multiple Silo plugins with 100 instances or more.

The CB9066 holds a unique place in Trident’s evolutionary lineup; a full-fledged standalone parametric equalizer with all of the classic Trident sonic characteristics that make this a truly legendary and highly sought-after studio device. If you’re lucky enough to find one of these fabulous tools for sale, you’ll more than likely be facing a hefty price tag for the privilege of ownership. If restoration is required, this cost can start to soar even higher.

Meticulously tested and restored in 2018 to its original condition by Trident engineers, the CB9066 hardware used as the reference model sounds as good today as it did when it rolled off the production line. Thankfully, and for the first time in history, Silo SoundLabs has taken this pristine CB9066 and modeled it as a software plug-in, using our patent pending SiloDNA technology along with the level of precision audio-tuning love and care that a product of this caliber deserves. In partnership with Trident Audio Developments, this stellar plug-in is available to you only after passing both listening and measurement tests by Trident and their team of ‘golden ear’ Grammy-winning audio engineers and producers.

Three frequency ranges (60 Hz to 700 Hz, 600 Hz to 7 kHz, and 3.5 kHz to 14 kHz) with adjustable bandwidths and a 16 dB boost or cut, along with high pass (100 Hz to 400 Hz) and low pass (4 kHz to 15 kHz) filters with adjustable slopes of up to 22 dB, make the CB9066 a surgical-grade audio tool in terms of working on your most complex and demanding mixes.

The Trident CB9066 EQ costs $149.99 USD.

Both plugins support VST3, AU and AAX formats for Windows and Mac.