Splice has updated its Desktop app to make it easier to find the right sounds for your music.

Besides browsing, auditioning, downloading, and dragging sounds straight into your DAW, the Splice Desktop app now also includes a feature that was previously only accessible on the web experience of Splice Sounds: Similar Sounds.

Have you ever found a sound that’s a solid fit for your track, but felt like you wanted to hear a few more relevant options to make sure it’s ‘the one?’ Enter Similar Sounds. SiSo pays attention to what you’re looking at, and then serves up suggestions from the massive Splice catalog that are similar in timbre, musical character, etc.

Since its introduction to the Splice Sounds web experience in late 2019, SiSo’s AI-powered suggestions have been empowering countless creators to spend less time browsing and more time staying focused on what matters the most: making music.

Read more on Similar Sounds on the Splice Blog or download the free Desktop 4.0 app for Windows and Mac and experience Similar Sounds for yourself.