Simmons Drums has announced the Simmons DA350, the first portable monitor system designed exclusively for electronic drummers.

Simmons DA350

The Simmons DA350 is a powerful, portable, fully contained system that delivers performance ready Simmons sound for your electronic drum kit. With a full 350 Watts of Class-D power (1100 Watts peak), the DA350’s 10″ subwoofer lays down a beefy bottom end, while the two 4.75″ satellite speakers are perfect for adding sonic imaging and detail to cymbals and snares.

The DA350’s integrated stereo mixer gives you three independent input channels, with two-band shelving EQ for total tone control and a subwoofer level control to dial in just the right amount of bottom end. Auxiliary inputs and built-in Bluetooth® connectivity give you multiple ways to bring in tracks from any mobile device for practice, performance, or accompaniment.

Weighing in at just 60 pounds, the DA350 is designed for easy transport, with speakers that cleverly tuck away into the subwoofer cabinet for effortless portability. The system comes complete with stands and transport bags. With quick setup, easy portability, and great sound, the Simmons DA350 Electronic Drum Monitor System is the monitor system your electronic drum kit deserves, from the first name in electronic drums.

The Simmons DA350 electronic drum monitor system is available at a street price of $499.99 USD.

More information: Simmons Drums