Simple-Media Super Spook Keys

Simple-Media has released Super Spook Keys, the successor of the Virtual ‘Theramin’ Spook Keys

This version seems to have pretty much simular features as Spook Keys. Super Spook Keys features a Spring button (Spook Keys came in 2 versions, spring and no spring) and it has some extra Shape and Noise controls. The GUI has increased in size quite a bit: 800×600!

There are some known issues which will be addressed.

  1. The Keyboard play is not fully working so sounds under mouse play do not sound the same when played via keyboard.
  2. Midi out has not been fully checked yet, mouse movements on grid can be recorded as automation at least but may not work as other midi cc output.
  3. Midi CC for grid is x= cc#60 and y =cc#61. Your host must be set to send MIDI CC to Super Spook Keys to use continuous controls properly. Your host automation features may allow you to assign other CC to #60 and #61 as well.

There is no additional information on the Simple-Media website yet, but full instructions will be made available soon.

Download Super Spook Keys here.