Sinevibes has announced the release of Alternator, a new monophonic synthesizer instrument for Mac.

Sinevibes Alternator

Alternator has a unique approach to sound creation – every single parameter of its engine is sequenced. It consists of three modules – an oscillator, going into a filter, and then into an effect – but they all have their own separate step sequencers which change every property of the patch in a rhythmical fashion: oscillator waveform and pitch, modulation envelopes, even filter and effect types. Each of Alternator’s sequencers has its own timing, looping and randomization features, making it unusually easy to create motion lead and bass sounds with almost never-repeating patterns.

Alternator’s unique design is reflected in the user interface: all of its elements are neatly laid out on a single screen, with no tabs or menus. The sequencers have fluid color-coded graphics that reshape according to their settings, showing an exact view of what your sound composition is. In addition to this, each preset in Alternator has 12 patch snapshots that you can switch via MIDI keyboard and host automation, making it just as fun in live performance as during production.

Alternator for Mac (AU) is available for purchase for $69 USD.

Sinevibes has also launched a sale on its Complete Collection plugins bundle.

For one week only until 16th May, the entire collection of Sinevibes plugins is available at just $225 (a 25% discount from the regular $299). The bundle includes a total of 21 highly innovative instrument and effect plugins.

More information: Sinevibes