Sinevibes Analogies, Voices & Organics

Sinevibes has announced the release of Analogies and Voices, two new sound expansions for Native Instruments Kontakt.

We are known for releasing only original sounds and instruments built totally from the ground up, not based on any sounds that existed before. Now we bring our sound design expertise to all KONTAKT users, providing them with ultra-fresh new instruments that sound like nothing else on the market. From urban, club and pop music production to movie scoring, worship and beyond – these sound expansions deliver something special for everyone.

Sinevibes Kontakt Expansions

  • Analogies, features powerful and very charismatic analog synth, bass,
    lead and pad instruments made with the mighty Polivoks synthesizer. Contents: 25 instruments, 325 individual samples, 45 MB total size.
  • Voices features vocal, choir vocoder and pad instruments created from human voice recordings using our custom technique involving spectral resynthesis and multi-stage processing. Contents: 30 instruments, 327 individual samples, 54 MB total size.

Analogies and Voices for KONTAKT are available to purchase as an instant download for $19 USD each. CD with worldwide shipping is optional. If you buy both Analogies and Voices, you will receive the next Organics sound expansion free of charge when it’s released (due in June).

More information: Sinevibes