Sinevibes has announced a new vintage virtual analog oscillator plugin for the prologue, minilogue xd and NTS-1 synthesizers from KORG.

The foundation of Dense consists of 4 separate oscillators with saw, square, triangle waveforms – generated using a technique often used in the early virtual analog synthesizers.

In addition to mutual detuning, each oscillator has its own random pitch drift LFO, and global pitch can also be slightly off on every key press – together, these features simulate tuning instabilities and per-voice discrepancies in old analog synthesizers, going from very subtle to “badly needs calibration”.

Dense includes a total of 50 sound source configurations with different settings for the individual oscillator parameters such as waveform, coarse tune, output level, as well as optional ring modulation or bit depth reduction for an even wider sonic palette.

To add final polish, there’s a one-pole high-pass filter and an additional sine LFO for vibrato. Thanks to the various fluctuations and dynamic interactions happening between the oscillators, as well as between the oscillators and the synthesizer’s filter, Dense can produce beautiful
vintage-style sounds that are full of life and organic movement.

Dense is available to purchase for $29 USD. It comes with 25 example presets for prologue and minilogue xd, a user manual PDF, and a multi-engine preset converter utility.

More information: Sinevibes