Sinevibes has released the second generation of its original Dispersion bouncing ball delay effect plugin for Mac.

Dispersion v2 comes with all-new user interface and an all-new DSP engine, added features, and just like all latest Sinevibes plugins is available in AU, VST3 and AAX plugin formats.

Dispersion is a bouncing ball delay effect plugin for Mac. It has up to 32 sequential delay lines whose times are spread exponentially via a special formula developed at Sinevibes, in order to produce sound repetitions akin to a bouncing ball. The key feature is that a single round of such delay bounces is always summing up to a precise tempo fraction – making this a rhythmical effect. Dispersion can also gradually spread the pan of the bounces left to right and vice versa, so that the imaginary ball moves within the stereo field.

With an optional inverse time spread, multiple feedback shaping features, and trademark alternating-polarity modulation, Dispersion is capable of a whole universe of unusual yet musically rich effects which simultaneously combine the characteristics of delay, reverb, chorus ensemble, and stereo widening.

Dispersion v2 features

  • Up to 32 sequential delay lines with tempo-synchronized “bouncing ball” time spread.
  • Gradual and stepped feedback modes.
  • Optional two-pole low-pass or high-pass feedback damping filter.
  • Adjustable delay bounce stereo pan spread.
  • Delay time modulation with unique alternating-polarity routing and variable stereo phase offset.

Available for macOS 10.9 or later in VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats, Dispersion v2 is priced $39 at the Sinevibes store and from distributor ADSR Sounds.