Sinevibes has launched its latest plugin Droplet, an audio effect for modeling “raindrop delay” effects.

The plugin is based on a chain of 24 randomized delay lines, configured to produce a sound similar to drops of rain or small particles falling onto a surface.

Sinevibes Droplet

This delay chain features variable frequency damping, time modulation with original phase-flipped routing, as well as chaotic stereo panning, all of which lets Droplet go much beyond the actual raindrop delay – and into granular clouds, dreamy spaces and lush chorused reverbs.

Since the parameters are randomized each time a Droplet instance is created, just as any natural process it will never sound exactly the same – even the same preset on two different tracks in the same project will sound different.

Droplet features

  • Chain of feedback delay lines with 24 “drops” and high-quality spline interpolation.
  • Variable delay time and stereo pan randomization per drop.
  • Feedback damping filter with low-pass and high-pass modes.
  • Sine oscillator for delay time modulation with unique phase-flipped routing.
  • Color-coded user interface graphics with subtle animations.
  • Fully hardware-accelerated rendering with support for retina screen resolution.

Droplet for Mac (AU) is available for for $29 USD. It is also part of the Complete Collection and Creative Collection bundles, which are now on sale at an additional 20% off.

More information: Sinevibes