Sinevibes has introduced a new tape wobble simulator plugin for Mac and Windows. Stator is a creative effect which models multiple different speed fluctuation sources in cassette tape players including wow, flutter, and scrape flutter – as well as stereo widening and crosstalk phasing.

Stator is a tape wobble simulator. It uses a creative approach to replicate the effects of speed fluctuations in tape machines: wow and flutter coming from uneven electric motor rotation and tape feed, as well as scrape flutter caused by the friction of the tape against the tape head. The result is a complex speed modulation signal that produces a wide variety of pitch drift and lo-fi jitter effects – similar to the sound of worn-out, unstable audio and video cassette players.

Stator also employs individual stereo widening formulas in each of its three modulation components, plus it has variable channel crosstalk for adding chorusing and phasing artifacts – and creating sounds with a truly beautiful vintage vibe.

Stator features

  • Combination of 13 fine-tuned DSP algorithms for simulating tape machine speed wobble.
  • Separate modulation depth adjustment for pitch wow, flutter, and scrape flutter.
  • Variable stereo phase offset with individual calibration for each modulation source.
  • Variable stereo crosstalk for chorusing and phasing artifacts.
  • Built-in adjustable feedback loop for additional sound coloration.

Available for Windows and Mac in VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats, Stator priced for $29 USD.

More information: Sinevibes