Sinevibes has announced Switch, a gate sequencer effect plugin for Mac.

Sinevibes Switch

Gate offers a quick and easy way to slice and strobe drum beats, apply intricate motion onto instruments and vocals, or make any static sound have rhythmic feel.

Gate to the next level. Switch cycles through a gate pattern with up to 32 steps, automatically shown in normal or triplet arrangement. With variable sequencer rate, swing, gate time and lag, it can match the timing and musical feel of any input material. Moreover, a single preset in Switch holds 8 separate patterns – and you can automate them in your productions or during live performance.

All-round utility. A gate sequencer is arguably the most universal effect, as it can be applied virtually onto anything. Switch works great with both rhythmic and ambient parts, adding subtle motion or shredding it into pieces. It’s an essential tool for any genre – be it club or urban, acoustic or electronic, popular or experimental.

Inspiration interface. Sinevibes customers have long gotten used to the ease of use and extreme focus of our products, and Switch continues this tradition further. It has a single-view interface with precise and stylish controls which instantly let you see how it works – almost as if you designed this tool yourself. And a big productivity boost is given by multiple functions to duplicate, randomise and repeat patterns.

Switch for Mac (AU) costs $29 USD.

More information: Sinevibes / Switch