Sinevibes has announced the release an update to the Whirl barber-pole phaser effect plugin for Mac.

Version 2 brings AU and VST3 formats, user interface size scaling up to 200%, as well as built-in preset management functions. The DSP engine has also been reconfigured to offer a much more flexible and deep-sounding effect.

The barber-pole phaser is based on a Bode frequency shifter model with a feedback line, an algorithm which creates unique spectrum peaks and notches that move upwards or downwards in a seemingly endless fashion – with one spectrum sweep smoothly morphing into the next one, like an audible illusion.

Whirl features up to three fully synchronized barber-pole phaser stages: this allows you to control how gentle or dramatic the effect is. At its most extreme settings, Whirl is capable of deeply resonant filtering: it almost individually suppresses and accentuates different frequency harmonics. By design, the spectrum sweep frequency is bipolar – and can go from downwards to upwards motion and back completely seamlessly.

Changes in Whirl v2

  • Newly designed user interface with size scaling up to 200%.
  • Added VST3 plugin format.
  • Added built-in preset manager.
  • DSP engine is now focused entirely on the Bode barber-pole phaser model: with up to three sequential synchronized phaser stages for much more extreme spectrum peaks and notches.
  • Increased math precision in the main DSP blocks to 64-bit.
  • More thorough state initialization when receiving reset() call from the host.
  • More natural parameter mapping on Frequency, Stereo, Output controls.
  • Support for any buffer size requested by the plugin host.
  • Consistent name, mapping, value, and unit implemented for all parameters in both graphic user interface and host control/automation.
  • All-new presets.

Whirl v2 is available for $29 USD from Sinevibes. The upgrade is completely free for customers who already own the previous version of Whirl.