Sinevibes has updated its Turbo effect plug-in to version 3.1.3, and sets it free for a limited time in celebration of its 4th birthday.

Version 3.1.3 adds a new advanced host synchronisation scheme that supports tempo and time signature automation.

Sinevibes Turbo

Create unique, complex new sounds out of most basic waveforms such as saw, triangle and square. Turn simple synth and bass instruments into very powerful growling, pulsating or wobbling sounds. Completely resynthesise and transform electronic drum loops.

Turbo is an effect offering a unique sound manipulation technology. It takes the input signal and directly bends its shape using one of its eight sine-based transfer functions, vastly enriching the spectral content with new harmonics. Moreover, all the vibrations and beatings in the original signal are emphasised and create wobbling, growling or even screaming effects. Combined with separate filters on both the input and the output, Turbo allows you to turn any simple sound into a completely new, rich textures with incredible density and character.

Turbo is available to download free of charge until December 18th, 2014 (regular $19 USD).

More information: Sinevibes / Turbo