Sinevibes has announced version 3.0 of Drift, a chaos processor effect plug-in for Mac. This is an all-new product inside and out, with a totally new interface and new DSP technologies.

Sinevibes Drift

Drift is a unique effects processor based on two independent Lorenz chaos systems. These are three-dimensional oscillators widely used by scientists and engineers to model convection in liquids and gases. Here, these random but smooth signals are used to modulate spectral effects, sound level and stereo pan, giving them the dynamic characteristics of wind gusts, air turbulence or rising water bubbles.

All of Drift’s functionality is neatly presented by an intuitive interface wholly built with colour-coded graphics. It features two- dimensional representations of the chaos systems as well as subtle animations for all controls, adding up to a pleasant, organic experience. Together with precise parameter calibration, this makes Drift a musical, productive and always enjoyable tool.

Drift for Mac (AU) is available for purchase for $29 USD. The upgrade is free for existing Drift users.

More information: Sinevibes / Drift