Singomakers has launched its new sample library Bloggers Ultimate Tools, a huge collection of over 5.7GB of royalty free music clips all types of bloggers, Youtube channels, reviewers, dancers, movie makers, etc.

Singomakers Bloggers Ultimate Tools

Designed to perfectly loop, the sounds in the pack can be used in videos without fear of having your video taken down due to property infringement.

Singomakers often collaborate with Youtube Channels and Bloggers that ask for music with which their channel won’t have rights problems. As you may know YouTube, same as Instagram, may block or delete your video, or even block channel if you use Copyright Protected music (it’s actually any track which been officially released) in your video, but with music from our «Bloggers Ultimate Tools» collection – it’s 100% SAFE!

752 Music Clips in total!!! Impressive, isn’t it? Singomakers provided 2 versions of this pack – one is HQ 16 Bit WAV files (5,77 GB Wav edition) if you need it for movies, YouTube or else, and 2nd is HQ 320 MP3 version of pack (1,31 GB), if you want to save free space on your laptop’s hard drive or phone.

The sample pack is available from Loopmasters for £49.95 GBP.

More information: Singomakers