Singomakers EDM Tuned Kicks 2

Singomakers has launched EDM Tuned Kicks 2, a collection of 100 tuned kick samples.

Strong, Fat and Extremely Powerful! Actually these three words would be more than enough to describe this outstanding Bass Drum sample collection, but we decide to provide some more info to make you 100 % sure that here you will find the best kick samples you ever heard!

Of course you know the main thing in a dance track is a perfect kick drum, but it’s always a big problem to find a really good one which will play over you bass line without destroying it. All of us always search for really punchy loud Kicks like the strongest EDM artists have in their tracks.

In this epic collection we provided 100 PERFECT KICKS produced only with the best linear phase equipment, without any phase issues and distortion! Every kick sample has a perfect click attack and linear tale, which is absolutely essential for a kick to play over the bass line and sit nicely within the rest of the instruments in the mix!

The sample pack is available from Loopmasters for £12.95 GBP.

More information: Singomakers / EDM Tuned Kicks 2