Singomakers has returned with a new collection of unique Psytrance samples and live recorded ethnic instruments.

Ethnic Psytrance features the sounds of various original instruments made in different parts of the world, reflecting the ethnic culture of different regions.

Singomakers Ethnic Psytrance

The pack includes the sounds of the Australian didgeridoo, African Udu drum and djembe, Swiss hang drum, Altai Jew’s harp and more.

In the pack you can also find some energized shaman chants. For this we found an artist with a unique technique of throat singing.

We recorded unique ethnic instruments and voices, and specially adapted them to dance music, and it can be not only Psy-Trance but any other style – be it EDM, House, Trap or Techno.

We used a minimum of treatments, in order to leave all the beauty of sound and melody to convey the energy and feelings from the musician playing them. Wet versions presented in pack are only those loops that were used in the demo track.

Ethnic Psytrance features

  • 71 Didgeridoo Loops.
  • 25 Didgeridoo Modulations.
  • 46 Jew’s Harp Loops.
  • 69 Djembe Loops.
  • 12 Hang Drum Loops.
  • 32 UDU Drum Loops.
  • 53 Shamanic Voices (21 Dry, 32 Wet).
  • 46 Bass Loops.
  • 41 Synth Loops.
  • 21 Misc Ethnic Loops.
  • 92 Drum Loops (Incl. 38 Full Drum Loops, 39 Top Loops, 15 Drum Fills).
  • 176 One Shots (Incl. 15 Big Toms, 15 Crashes, 46 Ethnic Instruments, 30 Hihats, 20 Kicks, 30 Misc Percussions, 20 Snares).
  • 508 Rex2 Files.
  • 76 SFX.
  • 11 Sampler Patches (Incl. 7 Drum Kits, 4 FX Kits).

The sample pack is available from Loopmasters for £29.95 GBP, with parts also sold separately.

More information: Singomakers