Singomakers has released its new sample pack at Loopmasters. Delivering a 1.7 GB collection of insane sounds, Uptempo Hardcore includes distorted kicks, synths, melodies, vocals, twisted drums, FX, and synth presets for Massive and Serum.

The sounds of this pack are inspired by artists such as Deadly Guns, Irradiate, Imperial, Barber, Soulblast, Partyraiser, and mainstream side artists like N-Vitral, Neophyte, Angerfist and, AniMe & Miss K8.

Recently, the line between uptempo and mainstream hardcore has been blurred. Now, uptempo has begun to intersect with mainstream hardcore, which has become even faster and tougher. Yes, it is true. Look at the mainstream artists, their tracks have accelerated and become more tough and aggressive.

In this pack, we would like to show all the sides of uptempo hardcore, and in its classic form – fresh, crisp, with a tempo of 200+ BPM, and more commercial – mixed with mainstream hardcore.

Uptempo Hardcore costs £29.95 GBP, with parts sold separately starting from £6.95 GBP.

More information: Singomakers