After launching the mono version of its API 500 format adaptation of the Korg MS-20 analog filter, Singular Audio has now introduced filterdrve stereo.

The unit features split output controls for left and right and an envelope follower which smooths out the audio signal and can be used to modulate the cutoff frequency.

I was always looking for an easy way to implement the great sounding MS-20 filter in a recording and mixing setup, and this came out. This version has singular controls for two (stereo) channels.

The filterdrve has everything you want in a 500 series filter, such as balanced i/o, low noise, great headroom etc. Some features are added like overdrive, audio feedback into the filter and a controllable gain structure.

The real killer is that this filter, coupled with the drive and resonance, really screams. Hence the name: filterdrve.

Assembled by hand in small batches, the first few units of filterdrve stereo have already sold out at an introductory price of 475 EUR (regular 550 EUR).

More information: Singular Audio