SIR Audio Tools has announced the release of SIR3, the long-awaited successor of the SIR2 reverb plugin. The new plugin has been developed in close collaboration with users of the previous version and provides many new useful capabilities.

SIR Audio Tools SIR3

SIR3 now comes with 33 excellent HDIR models made by Pinguin Ingenieurbüro from Hamburg. The models are known for their high dynamic range and their exact natural fidelity.

The plugin was improved on almost every aspect. The very flexible modulation section allows you transform certain parts (head or tail section) in the time domain. It contains a multi-stage delay with random pitch modulation and random amplitude modulation in the feedback path.

Transform the audio signal with a rich set of dynamic processing opportunities like gating and ducking. So you can do things like gated reverberation, or ducking the wet signal with the dry signal, directly inside the plugin.

In addition, the possibilities of envelope processing were further expanded. Use a Volume, Low-Pass, High-Pass, Width and Pan-Envelope to modify the impulse in a natural or creative way.

Furthermore, the software works with very low CPU consumption and zero-latency processing.

SIR3 is available for Mac OS X and Windows in Audio Unit, AAX, VST2 and VST3 plugin formats. It is priced at 149 EUR / $189 USD incl. VAT where applicable.

SIR2 users can upgrade starting at 49 EUR. Those who purchased SIR2 (excluding resale, and NFR) after October 1st, 2018 will automatically receive a free upgrade license for SIR3.

More information: SIR Audio Tools