SIR Audio Tools has announced the release of a new highly versatile dynamic processor.

Offering a wide range of options, StandardGATE not only removes unwanted noise or spill, but also shapes dynamics of various audio signals in a creative way.

The intelligent detector algorithms like “Percussive” and “Transient”, but also traditional settings like “Peak” or “RMS”, allow surgical and powerful changes to the signal. In addition, the triggering of the dynamic processor can be controlled by MIDI. The side-chain allows the dynamic of the audio to be controlled by an external signal for creative dynamic effects. The Lookahead mode allows reactive attack envelopes so that transients are caught.

The advanced de-bleeding filters allow excellent isolation of signals, for example, removing spill from different drum mics. StandardGATE not only contains a noise gate algorithm, it also has ducking and upward expander modes. Versatile oversampling and flexible stereo options complete the picture. The plugin has a modern GPU-accelerated interface offering intuitive visual editing capabilities with a smooth scrolling waveform.

Priced $49 USD / 39 EUR, StandardGATE is available for macOS and Windows in VST/VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats. A bundle of StandardGATE, StandardCLIP and SpectrumAnalyzer is $79 USD / 59 EUR. Prices incl. VAT where applicable.

More information: SIR Audio Tools