Sir Elliot has introduced the Brass Instrument Equaliser Series II, a free mastering equalizer plug-in aimed for Jazz, Classical & Dance music.

Sir Elliot’s Brass Instrument Equaliser Series II sports a tuneable frequency range from 2 cycles to 28,000 kilocycles (88.2 – 192 kHz sample rate). The highest effective frequency manipulation shall be 56,000 kilocycles (192 kHz sample rate)

In addition to a broader bandwidth from its ancestor, Sir Elliot’s Brass Instrument Equaliser Series II offers overtones, which co-relate to the tuning frequencies. High Frequency & Low Frequency – 3 dB point filters allows you to roll-off frequencies ranging from 10,000 kilocycles to 60,000 kilocycles per second in addition to 2 cycles to 100 cycles per second.

The Windows VST plug-in is available to download at no cost.

More information: Sir Elliot