Sixth Sample has announced the release of an easy to use reverb effect that is designed to deliver smooth, transparent natural-sounding results.

The Further plugin features 3 reverb modes (hall, stadium and room), and 360-degree natural audio positioning with an XY pad. More control over the sound is offered with reverb (amount), damp, clean and size controls. The plugin comes with 10 color themes.

Whether you are looking for a transparent-sounding reverb plugin, or need help spatially arranging sounds in your mix, Further got you covered. One square, three buttons, five sliders, and one purpose: Make audio sound further away.

With its natural panning capabilities, Further is a fantastic tool for placing individual tracks in the mix. Instead of just lowering the volume of one channel, it mimics how we perceive a sense of direction in the real world. Move the sound source around the listener to create some spine-tingling effects.

Available in VST3 and AU plugin formats for Windows and Mac, Further is priced 24.95 EUR. A free trial version is available to download.

More information: Sixth Sample