Sixth Sample has announced the release of its new stereo image audio plugin NASE, an effect that aims to make day-to-day width control extremely easy.

The plugin allows you to control the balance of your audio’s mid and side information, and even makes mono signals wider while not messing up your mix when played in mono. For a wider and fuller sound, the plugin features two noise modules that can add noise that dynamically follows your source audio’s volume separately for the middle and sides.

Getting the stereo image right is one of the most crucial parts of any mix. For me, getting a wide but controlled mix has always been this monster I have never quite been able to tame. NASE makes controlling your stereo field a little bit easier.

NASE features

  • Width and stereoize sliders for stereo width management.
  • 2 noise modules for mid and side information.
  • Bass mono button.
  • Large vectorscope for visualization.
  • 10 color themes.

Available for Windows and Mac (VST3, AU and AAX), NASE is priced 24.95 EUR.

More information: Sixth Sample