SKnote has launched a Black Friday sale, offering a free copy of the MotorTown drumset with a purchase of 2 SKnote plugins.

SKnote MotorTown Drumset

MotorTown is built around a custom mahogany drumkit with a warm and natural sound.

Includes a virtual drummer with several performance parameters to get complete drum parts fast and easily, ready to be mixed.

On-board effects include equalizers and compressors, plus several rooms that can be combined with the natural ambience from the kit.

A special feature of MotorTown is its “Microphone Modeling” system (built around a beautiful set of high performance microphones by Earthworks Audio), which lets us set the tracking system used, including dynamic, condenser and ribbon microphones.

An ever growing library of free “Grooves” (complete arrangements) is available.

The sale ends November 29th, 2016.
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More information: SKnote