SKnote Attackease

SKnote has released Attackease, a VST effect for Windows PC.

It gets a mono input (i.e. a drum mic track) and separates the incoming audio in two tracks, attack and sustain, with selectable threshold and time constants. Attack and sustain can be processed separately and then re-combined. A limiter for the attack and a compressor for the sustain are included. Really different from a compressor, any external processor can be used to further process attack and sustain.

Attackease features

  • Analysis, attack, sustain and midi sections.
  • Automatable threshold (for accurate triggering).
  • Included attack and sustain separate compressors.
  • Internal or external sidechain with internal sidechain filter (for a more accurate triggering).
  • Midi output on trigger (with selectable channel and note number).
  • Separate outputs for attack and sustain (for further processing).

Attackease is available as a VST effect plug-in for Windows PC for 129 EUR (ex. VAT). A demo version will be available soon.

Visit SKnote for more information and some audio demos.