SKnote Rough

SKnote has announced the release of Rough, a filterbank/vocoder effect plug-in for Windows.

Rough is the latest addition to the “Attitude” series of synth and effect plug-ins. Simple but deep. They fit in a pocket..

Rough features

  • Vocoder: a classic 16 band vocoder.
  • Fade: crossfades between vocoded band and pass-through.
  • Negative: each band is attenuated by its frequencies.
  • MIDI: each band is controlled by MIDI notes and velocities.

Rough is available to purchase as a VST effect plug-in for Windows PC, priced at 29 EUR. It is also available as part of a custom “Attitude” Bundle (4 “Attitude” plug-ins of your choice) for 79 EUR. Discounted pricing is available for existing SKnote customers.

More information: SKnote